Original, Miniature Paintings on Deer Antler


For over seventeen years, I have created original pieces of horse art and shipped it all over the world. All of my antler pendants are hand painted with quality Windsor & Newton acrylic paints. Careful attention to detail, patience and lengthy prep work go into each piece.


Deer antler is so unique in all aspects.  It varies in looks on the outside, but also on the inside. Not all Cervidae (or, more commonly referred to as the deer family) antlers are equal. Some are so pitted they cannot be used without modification. Others are perfect canvases for artwork of all kinds. Depending on exactly what you want to do with antler will determine what you look for.  For me, I am more interested on the inside verses the outside, although the outside does carry some importance depending on the piece I am going to create with it.  Antler comes in various shades ranging from dark to light to patterns of streaked and spotted, even mixed colors of cream, white and grey. I just never know what I’m going to get. One of the neatest things – no two are the same. They are not the same in color – nor in shape. Each painting is inspired by the shape of it’s antler canvas. They are like snowflakes, inside and out!


One must have extreme control over a ‘five haired’ brush- no interruptions and a very, very steady hand – not to mention a whole lot of patience. 😉  With my work, every piece is an original. Even the Limited Edition sculptures are different from each other. Nothing is mass produced. Simply put, no two of anything that I create is ever exactly the same.


Most new pendants come out in October, November and December. Custom orders are usually available year around, but please be advised that November and December can get backed up with Holiday orders.

My antler art is based mainly on horses with occasional dogs, donkeys, mules, birds or other animals being painted as well.

How much are Custom Order Pendants?

Custom order antler pendants are different from the pendants that you may see on eBay. The custom orders are meticulously done, with great attention to detail such as markings and are specific.

Single Side, one horse:  49.00 USD
Single Side, two horses: 65.00 USD

Crescents: These are not always available and price various per piece and is also dependent upon the painting requested. Please contact me for availability.

Shipping is 4.00 within the United States.


What are my custom choices for the antler pendants?


EDGE COLORS  Black, Gold, Silver, Natural


RING COLOR Gold, Silver, Antique Silver or Gunmetal

These are the regular options that are mostly chosen. If you have other ideas or colors that you would like to incorporate to further customize your pendant we can certainly address those possibilities.


Single Customs (One horse, one side): $49.00

Double Customs (Two horses, together on one side): $65.00

Double Custom Opposite (Two horses, one on each side): $89.00

What you need to provide to start your order:

  •  Two clear pictures (head and neck shots) of the horse(s) you want the custom pendant of. If the horse has a halter or bridle on in the photo, it WILL be included in the painting unless specified otherwise. The more information you provide, the more customized your pendant will be.
  • Choose your EDGE and RING OPTIONS.
    Choose your PAINTING OPTIONS
  • Include this information in your email and send to: pavilionpony@hotmail.com.
  • Please include your last name with the words CUSTOM PENDANT in the subject line.

When and how do I pay for my order?

Payment is not required until your pendant is finished. I will email you pictures of your pendant for approval before the sealer is applied. Any changes, if any, can be made at that time. I accept PayPal only as payment at this time.

Please Note:

You agree by ordering a Custom pendant that your finished product may be used by me on this site and/or for advertising purposes in other areas of the web, such as Facebook, eBay or Amazon in order for me to promote my original artwork.

You also acknowledge that you have visited, read and understand the Antler Pendant Information page. Further, you acknowledge and understand that in the event that you place an order and it is completed but not paid for within 14 days, that the pendant(s) can and will be sold through other avenues such as eBay, Amazon or Facebook.

On average, a custom order is ready to ship within 5-7 business days from when the order was placed, depending on how many orders may be ahead of you. This time frame does not apply during the months of November and December -Christmas is usually a very busy time; please plan accordingly if you intend to order pendants for Christmas. I do offer discounts on three or more pendants ordered at the same time.

Other Animal and Wildlife Art

Occasionally I do other artwork besides horses. Most of this artwork is on wood, either Northern White Cedar or California Redwood (depending on availability). I have been known to paint on whatever as well…hence the red wing black birds on a piece of shelving 🙂

How do I contact you?

Email: pavilionpony@hotmail.com

Be sure to put ARTWORK in your subject line.


Sculpture is only available a few times per year. Sometimes I will recreate from my own original using a mold made by me and sometimes I will offer only the original. Most pieces are done in relief form (flat on the back, 3-D on the front) and permanently affixed to some type of wood or resin art.

I only create and offer sculpture a few times per year.

And of course, along with my love of horses, comes my love for Chinese Crested dogs!

The Foo

Such a character…she even has her own Facebook page called Little Miss Foo! She give professional Stink Eye, makes all kinds of faces and makes us laugh every single day!

Grooming is a process that we do about every three weeks or so. Foo’s skin requires special oils almost daily, so she does not break out into blackheads and other sores. She gets cold in the winter; she has her own dresser of clothes, including a little snow jacket! She is very high maintenance, (and very spoiled) but that’s okay in with us!  She is a Snuggy Bug and little Love Bug – all in one! We just absolutely love her! She makes us laugh every single day

The Foo doesn’t always look like she needs coffee. This is The Foo after her biweekly grooming session:

The Kidd

While Kidd is just a juvenile (LOL) at the moment, he is growing every day and is the absolute sweetest of sweet boys that there ever was. He is almost ALWAYS on the move, so getting any kind of still picture is usually when he is sleeping!

When and if I get a good still shot, I will post it. But for now, here he is, sleeping after a tiring day of being on the move!

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