Antler Pendant Information

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The Creation

Each piece of pavilionpony jewelry is created from authentic deer antler and made entirely by hand. Most of the antler that I use come from Whitetail Deer. Occasionally I may use Mule or Blacktail, depending upon availability. I do use sheds when I can, however I am not against using antler from legally harvested deer. Some bumps, holes and dips may be visible, however these are not considered imperfections – but rather add to the uniqueness of a piece. Not all pendants will have bumps, holes or dips – but when they do, they are incorporated to be a natural part of the pendant.  Each and every piece goes through quite a process before any artwork is applied to it. While time consuming and tedious, it is this process that ensures you will receive a quality miniature canvas for your painting.

The first step is the choosing of the antler. Not all antler is grown equally, as genetics and diet throughout a deer’s life has a great impact on what happens with the antlers – inside and out. I do not always end up with good, quality antler, it is all a gamble. The thing about it is you don’t know what you have until you see the inside – and the only way to see the inside, is to go inside.

I carefully cut certain sections of the antler. Once inspected, it is taken through a dusty and tedious sanding process. A second inspection determines if the piece is of the quality that I seek. If it is, then the next process begins.

An original, miniature drawing is then created on the cut and sanded piece. The size of a ‘goat hair’, the pencil lead is very thin for detailed drawing. Once the drawing is complete, then the painting begins.

I only use quality Windsor & Newton acrylic paints. The craft store paints are great for other projects, but these require higher quality. When the painting is completed, the piece is signed and dated and allowed to dry (the drawing pencil was the size of a ‘goat hair’ – the paint brush is the size of a ‘bunny’s eyelash’!). After the drying process, a sealer is applied and the pendant is dried again.

The piece bubble wrapped and put inside of the cotton filled pendant box, place into a bubble mailer and is ready to ship.

It is impossible for me to mass produce these, they simply take to much time. If you are thinking of a placing a Custom Order, please allow at least two weeks for your pendant to be completed and be ready to ship. Christmas is always crazy, so please allow extra time during that part of the year.



  • Complimentary cotton filled pendant box
  • Plated Split Ring
  • Complimentary black necklace cord

The plated split ring, gift box AND necklace are provided  free of charge. These are given with the pendant as a courtesy for gift giving, so that it may be worn right away upon your choosing. The rings that I use are plated split rings and are intended to be temporary. I  suggest to have them replaced by a professional jeweler. They are fairly tough; I use pliers to put them on, however they are still split, plated rings.

Pendant Care

Dogs love to chew on antler! When you are not wearing your pendant, please keep it out of Fido’s reach.

These pendants are carefully sealed and durable enough for everyday wear, however because this piece is real bone wearing while bathing, swimming or during water sports is also not recommended.

Recommended For

  • Birthday
  • Christmas (they make super awesome Secret Santa gifts!)
  • Valentines Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Graduation
  • Horse Shows
  • Barn Buddy
  • Boarders
  • Small Show Awards
  • Your Trainer or Show Coach
  • Gift Shops
  • Riding Stable
  • Mom
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Niece
  • Grandaughter
  • Any horse lover!